Human can integrate auditory sense, visual sense, and tactile sense in environment perception, and improve the abilities of understand and reforming environment by continuous learning and practice. Currently, computer has the primary auditory sense and visual sense, and its storage and processing abilities are constantly improved. However, computer is still inferior to human in environment perception, and the corresponding processing technology requires long-term development. Multimedia computing group (MCG) aims to study environment perception technology and use it in real applications. We hope to improve the perception ability and leverage the cognitive level of computer, and assist human to understand and reform the world.

Environment perception research requires the integration of various techniques, including multimedia content classification and processing, machine learning, modeling and visualization, intelligent interaction and big data processing. Currently, our research mainly involves: stereo visual media processing, object retrieval, scene modeling and processing, vision navigation, visual media retargeting, big data parallel processing, and large scale data visualization.

MCG is led by Professor Gangshan Wu in Department of Computer Science and Technology, and its members include Professor Limin wang, Associate Professor Jie Tang, Assistant Researcher Jie Liu and several graduate students. MCG members have investigated dozens of key projects, published over one hundred research papers on international and domestic journals and conferences, and won several technology awards.


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